Market access model How do we operate?

Develop education on disease & your product to all stakeholders

  • Identifying patients and treatments pathways.


  • Partnering with Medical Societies for high level scientific communication.


  • Introducing disease and treatment solutions before Marketing approval.


  • Training Physicians on disease and treatment solutions through departmental meetings, CMEs, Conferences, Speaker tours and direct communication.


  • Participating at National or Regional scientific meetings.


  • Managing disease registries to collect local epidemiological data and treatment behaviors.


  • Supporting publications on your products based on local experience.


  • Organizing Ad-board meetings to collect epidemiological data, to identify management practices, challenges in diagnosis and to provide treatment access and funding opportunities.


  • Helping Laboratory to identify patients.

Develop Patient relations

  • Identifying suitable existing patient groups and/or helping in the set-up of new patient associations.


  • Training the patient associations on what is practicable and what is not to maximize effectiveness in perfect application of local and international regulations regarding patient communication.


  • Capitalizing on patient success stories to drive sustainable funding.


  • Supporting awareness and advocacy programs of the patient association like PR activities, lay forums, Help developing educational materials for public dissemination, supporting Fund-raising initiatives.


  • Assisting patient associations in lobbying healthcare officials and governments.

Build long term government relations

  • Mapping Government Stakeholders to ensure communication and follow-up with the correct decision makers.


  • Driving reimbursement and price negotiation in countries that already have a system in place, and finding innovative ways of funding in the other countries.


  • Preparing presentations with in-country epidemiological data, local experience of diagnosing and treating patients for government stakeholders.


  • Organizing presentations to relevant authorities (including regulatory departments) in full transparency with your organization.


  • Developing long and sustainable partnerships with governments.


  • Branding your company and products to Health authorities.

Optimizing business model

  • Collaborating with the client to Prepare Strategic Brand Plans that will provide the best market access options.


  • Maximizing early commercialization through
      – Experience programs: clinical trials, compassionate programs, co-payment scheme …
      – NPS: Named Patient Sales


  • Securing local regulatory requirements, logistic and collection through the Strategic Alliance with DKSH, an innovative business model.

Finding treatment funding solutions

  • Helping you partnering with Governments to activate sustainable funding solutions at the earliest possible junctures.


  • Driving case by case approach to ensure funding solutions based on:
      – “Patient means” assessment by independent social workers, solutions can be different depending on social classification.


      – Private Health insurance assessment.


    – Specific funding initiatives from companies and communities.