15 May

Caphosol ® now available in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei


AxxessBio launched Caphosol® in Malaysia. Caphosol® is also available in Singapore and Brunei. Caphosol® a topical oral agent, is a US patented medical device that lubricates the mucosa of the mouth, tongue and oropharynx and helps maintain the integrity of the oral cavity through its mineralizing potential. The distinguishing feature of Caphosol® is its high concentrations of calcium and

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15 Apr

AxxessBio and DKSH, new agreements


AxxessBio signed, during the first quarter of 2016, several agreements with its historical logistic partner, DKSH Singapore. To provide the best possible service to our Principals, in addition to the logistics agreement, we also put in place Quality and Safety Agreements. Similar agreements have also been signed with DKSH Malaysia and DKSH Thailand.

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27 Apr

AxxessBio, a new office in Singapore


Since December 1st 2014, AxxessBio moved the regional head-office to a central location in Singapore, 36 Purvis Street, very near key landmarks like Raffles Hotel, Suntec City and the new Southbeach development. This is a key milestone in the expansion of AxxessBio. With this move, AxxessBio has grown in its organization and added services with

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